"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelly Davis for more than 7 years at Healthgrades. During this time, I watched her grow from her position as a Graphic Designer to an Art Director to an Associate Creative Director. She is a very talented individual with innovative ideas and a strong work-ethic. 
Kelly developed the creative for numerous successful marketing campaigns for large and small healthcare organizations across the country. From conceptualizing new creative to leading a team of designers and writers, she excels in her ability to deliver high-quality work. I’ve found her to be a valuable team member on the accounts we worked on together and that she a true team player. 
Her concepts and designs have always been thoughtful, compelling and directed to the appropriate audience based on the campaign. She ensures brand guidelines are followed and thinks outside the box when given the opportunity. In addition to her creative work, Kelly is detail-orientated and has excellent communication skills. As a project manager, I could always count on her to meet deadlines and provide status updates as needed. I also found her to be an effective and confident presenter of creative concepts to clients. Whether in the role of designer or director, it was clear she always believed in the creative, while being able to positively accept client feedback and adjusting as needed. 
Kelly is a dedicated individual with a warm and friendly personality. I strongly believe she would be an asset to any organization."
– Sarah Ruben, Integrated Project Manager

"Kelly has a keen eye for design. And is so much fun to work with in the creative process. Not only is she a great collaborator and mentor but will also roll up her sleeves and dive into any project to get the work done. Kelly brings a lot of energy that is quite contagious. It’s without hesitation that I recommend Kelly, she would be a true asset to your creative team."
– Brooke Barney, Creative Services Director

"As my manager and the manager for our team, Kelly was an absolute pleasure to work for. From her strategic guidance and constructive, insightful feedback to her constant advocating for our creative work and her positive, uplifting demeanor, work never felt like work with her leading us. She was a tremendous asset to our creative team as a whole, and will continue to be no matter what role she takes on in the future."
– Kevin Klumpyan, Senior Copywriter

"Kelly is very easy to work with and she's always willing to help out at a moment's notice. I was particularly impressed by Kelly's ability to present her creative briefs – she is very professional and effortlessly delivers the strategic vision to the clients. She produces quality work and is a valuable team player – anyone would be lucky to have her on their team!"
– Allison Grinc, Director, Client Development

"Kelly is great to work with! Always comes up with creative solutions and makes everything she works on better because she's on the team."
– Ila Cipriano, Digital Lead
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